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1 How do you see your­self?

Grab a pen and fin­ish th­ese state­ments: ‘Hi, I’m…… and I’m……’ There’s no right or wrong an­swer. In my work­shops I’ve heard many an­swers, from ‘I’m xxx and

I’m a mum’ to ‘I’m xxx and

I’m lost, bored, sad.’

Say what you’ve writ­ten out loud and de­tect the emo­tion at­tached to it. Does it make you feel ex­cited or proud, or does it give you a heavy feel­ing in your stom­ach? Ask your­self if you’d like to change the way you an­swer the ques­tion in the fu­ture.

2 Iden­tify your de­sires

An­swer the fol­low­ing ques­tions to dis­cover what you want to change in your life:

What would I like to rein­vent in my life?

How is that change go­ing to make me feel?

If money wasn’t an is­sue, would my an­swer to the first ques­tion be the same or dif­fer­ent? If dif­fer­ent, how?

If I rein­vent my­self, what im­pact will it have on me?

How will any change af­fect my loved ones?

What in life would truly make me happy?

Your an­swers should help con­firm in your mind if, and what, you want to change.

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