RE­LIEVE THE PAIN OF SCIATICA WITH SCIATICALM Spe­cial Of­fer £29.95 plus p&p* – Save £5

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Sciatica is a drain­ing, de­bil­i­tat­ing con­di­tion caus­ing se­vere pain and loss of mo­bil­ity. It can se­verely re­strict the way we go about our ev­ery­day lives. Sciaticalm is specif­i­cally de­signed to re­lieve pain from Sciatica. It uses Vi­bra­tion Ther­apy – an ef­fec­tive, drug free treat­ment. Sciaticalm is a small, light­weight and easy to use

Class IIA Med­i­cal De­vice.

Sciaticalm gen­er­ates high-fre­quency vi­bra­tion to pass shock­waves through the skin. This vi­bra­tion in the body causes the pain sig­nal to be blocked on its way to the brain. The spinal col­umn is un­able to carry both the pain sig­nal and vi­bra­tion sig­nal at the same time, so Sciaticalm gives you a pain re­liev­ing ef­fect. This treat­ment op­tion is ap­proved by the Na­tional In­sti­tute for Clin­i­cal Ex­cel­lence (NICE).

Sciaticalm is sim­ple to use and great value at just £29.95. It is strapped to your back with a vel­cro strap and turned on with a sim­ple on/off but­ton. Treat­ment time is around 10 min­utes and you can wear the de­vice un­der clothes and re­main mo­bile dur­ing use.

Sev­eral re­search stud­ies have shown vi­bra­tion ther­apy gives sig­nif­i­cant pain re­lief. The pub­lished study “Pain Alle­vi­a­tion by Vi­bra­tory Stim­u­la­tion” by Lund­berg, Norde­mar & Otoo­son* from Karolin­ska Hos­pi­tal in Stock­holm, showed vi­bra­tion ther­apy is an ef­fec­tive, drug free treat­ment for both chronic and acute pain, and more ef­fec­tive than TENS.

To or­der your Sciaticalm for just £29.95 plus p&p* visit: snow­den­health­ and use code VM at check­out or call

Freep­hone 0800 161 5670 and quote code VM.

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