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TECH­NIQUE I al­ways find that this 1930s tech­nique helps me drop off:

Start by tak­ing a cou­ple of com­fort­able deep breaths. On the next breath, tighten your toes, re­ally scrunching them up as you in­hale for 5-10 sec­onds be­fore slowly re­leas­ing on an out breath.

Re­lax and wait 10 sec­onds or so be­fore mov­ing on to your calf mus­cles. Tighten and hold as be­fore, then slowly re­lease and re­lax. Work up through your body, down the arms to your hands, up into your shoul­ders and your face – not for­get­ting eyes, mouth and jaw.

Fi­nally, be­come aware of a wave of re­lax­ation spread­ing through ev­ery part of you and en­joy! It can be help­ful to make a record­ing of the tech­nique. For a free script, visit in­spir­ing Ni­co­lette prac­tices hyp­nother­apy in the Wilt­shire and Hamp­shire ar­eas (in­spir­

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