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Im­mu­nace has been de­vel­oped by Vitabi­otics’ nu­tri­tion­ists to give you ad­vanced nu­tri­tional sup­port for all-round health and vi­tal­ity. The for­mula in­cludes vi­ta­min D, zinc and se­le­nium, which con­trib­ute to the nor­mal func­tion of the im­mune sys­tem, plus fo­late, which con­trib­utes to nor­mal blood for­ma­tion. It also pro­vides vi­ta­mins C and E, which con­trib­ute to the pro­tec­tion of cells from ox­ida­tive stress caused by free rad­i­cals. How­ever, if the harsh win­ter weather is re­ally tak­ing its toll, then take your daily nu­tri­ent lev­els up a notch or two with Im­mu­nace Ex­tra Pro­tec­tion. It gives you all the ben­e­fits of the orig­i­nal Im­mu­nace, plus ad­di­tional nu­tri­ents, such as nat­u­ral ly­copene, resver­a­trol, as­tax­an­thin, al­pha lipoic acid and ex­tra vi­ta­min D at 1,000μ.

Im­mu­nace (RRP £7.10 for 30 tablets) and Im­mu­nace Ex­tra Pro­tec­tion (RRP £10.15 for 30 tablets) are both avail­able from Boots, in­de­pen­dent phar­ma­cies, lead­ing su­per­mar­kets, Hol­land & Bar­rett and health stores and on­line at im­mu­nace.com.

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