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A bath an hour be­fore bed can in­duce sleep – the warmth raises our body tem­per­a­ture, which then drops once we’re out of the wa­ter. This cool­ing process kick-starts the pro­duc­tion of mela­tonin, the hor­mone that helps us feel drowsy.

ADD… A hand­ful of Ep­som salts. These con­tain mag­ne­sium, a min­eral that aids sleep and calms the ner­vous sys­tem. Laven­der oil also helps. Add five drops to a full bath.

DO… Soak for 20 min­utes to fully ab­sorb the min­er­als. If you have time, shower first so that you’re clean when you get into the tub and don’t have to wash the salts away. TRY… Dr Teal’s Pure Ep­som Salt Soak­ing So­lu­tion, £7.99; Ab­so­lute Aro­mas Laven­der High Al­ti­tude Es­sen­tial Oil, £12.95; Tis­serand Sleep Bet­ter Bath Oil, £8.95.

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