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I to­tally un­der­stand what Fish is say­ing about tour­ing and do­ing gigs where he can do more than break even. With Spo­tify and stream­ing mu­sic, fewer and fewer peo­ple buy al­bums, and so, to make money, the artist has to tour. How­ever, tour­ing can only be vi­able where it turns a profit. We should all un­der­stand this and thank God for the gigs the bands do put on, and do what we can to travel dis­tances to see them and sup­port them.

In the 70s a hot sin­gle could make a band mil­lions. To­day, even the top bands and artists don’t make enough on a hit sin­gle to not have to tour. Stream­ing should be used to lis­ten and trial an al­bum but we should all go out and buy it if we like it and help to­day’s bands and artists to make money.

Jon Pick­les

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