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It is rare not to read within the pages of ‘The World’s Great­est Mag­a­zine’ some­where some­one ex­tolling the virtues of some band’s mu­sic by re­fer­ring it in pre­sum­ably hushed tones as be­ing rem­i­nis­cent of ‘early King Crim­son’. Whilst I take this as praise­wor­thy and it keeps me read­ing, I do so with grit­ted teeth at the lazy jour­nal­ism. What is ‘early Crim­son’? The sturm and drang of Schizoid in­clud­ing ‘the jazzy bit’ or the pas­toral Moon­child or the epic Epi­taph? And that’s just the first al­bum. Or does it mean the leit­mo­tifs of Peace, the bril­liantly weird Cat Food or the lazy day Ca­dence? Or should I in­fer it’s just the over­all Is­lands mélange of styles that I am sup­posed to read into the ref­er­ence? It is a uni­ver­sal fact that Crim­son are bril­liant and all of their work (oops, should I say oeu­vre?) is worth re­peated lis­ten­ing to (and shar­ing with those not yet in our sa­cred guild), but please, journos, can we be as pre­cise as the mu­si­cal in­ter­play that all Crim alumni demon­strate al­bum af­ter al­bum?

And by the way, all Prog Gods have been wor­thy win­ners but please, oh please, does Mr Robert not de­serve de­ifi­ca­tion some time very soon? The epit­ome of prog­ness… al­though he’d prob­a­bly shud­der at read­ing that.

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