Film­maker Mar­garete Kreuzer on how David Bowie led her to the de­fin­i­tive Tan­ger­ine Dream doc­u­men­tary.

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“I grew up in a small town in Ger­many and Tan­ger­ine Dream’s mu­sic was a way of es­cap­ing my life,” re­veals Mar­garete Kreuzer.

Sev­eral decades on, their mu­sic has changed her life as she has writ­ten and di­rected one of the most im­por­tant films about their founder, Edgar Froese.

It was back in 2003 when their paths first crossed. Kreuzer was in­ter­view­ing David Bowie for Franco-Ger­man TV chan­nel Arte, and she con­tacted Froese – one of the singer’s old friends – for ad­vice. Nine years later, when the direc­tor was think­ing about sub­jects for her first fea­ture-length mu­sic doc­u­men­tary, Froese came back into the frame.

“I had the idea of mak­ing a film about Edgar. He was very in­ter­est­ing and a pi­o­neer of elec­tronic mu­sic,” the direc­tor re­calls. “I met him in Vi­enna and we talked for hours about the philoso­pher Lud­wig Wittgen­stein and maths – I made a film a long time ago about maths and cul­ture. It was this that made him de­cide to work with me.”

Froese gave Kreuzer unlimited ac­cess to the Su­per 8 footage he’d col­lected dur­ing his ca­reer and per­mis­sion to use it

as she pleased.

“Edgar was a very good film­maker and there was more than 350 hours of ma­te­rial so it was very hard to fig­ure out what I should do with it all,’’ she says. “We had a lot of ideas though. We wanted to cre­ate new footage of brain­waves, we wanted to put a piano in the ocean… we had so many ideas that it was such a shock when he died so sud­denly [in 2015].”

With help from his wi­dow, Bianca Froese-Ac­quaye, and Ger­man me­dia com­pany Tag/Traum, she con­tin­ued with the project and se­cured fund­ing through Kick­starter. The re­sult is not one, but two films: a tele­vi­sion doc­u­men­tary called Sound From An­other World, which came out last Novem­ber, and the fea­ture-length Revo­lu­tion Of Sound: Tan­ger­ine Dream, nar­rated by Ein­stürzende Neubauten’s Alexan­der Hacke. The film lists not only Tan­ger­ine Dream alumni, but also Jean-Michel Jarre and Risky Busi­ness direc­tor Paul Brick­man among its in­ter­vie­wees.

Revo­lu­tion Of Sound pre­miered at the Berlin Film Fes­ti­val ear­lier this year and Kreuzer hopes to bring it to the UK. NRS

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“Edgar Froese had more than 350 hours of ma­te­rial.”




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