Il CerChIo d’oro

Il Fuoco Sotto La Cenere BLACK WI­dOW This fire nearly sput­ters out.

Prog - - Limelight -

Ital­ian prog­gers Il Cerchio d’Oro have a pro­cliv­ity for con­cept al­bums – see 2013’s dedalo e Icaro (daedalus And Icarus) and 2008’s Il Vi­ag­gio di Colombo (The Voy­age Of Colum­bus) – but if their new al­bum Il Fuoco Sotto La Cenere (The Fire un­der The Ashes) has a theme, it’s lost in trans­la­tion. There’s a ten­dency for the band to wear their in­flu­ences on their sleeves. The ti­tle track moves be­tween Pink Floyd clas­sic prog and a riff-led mid­sec­tion that brings Budgie to mind, be­fore launch­ing into an early deep Pur­ple, psy­che­delic pas­sage. Vo­cal­ist Pi­uc­cio Pradal doesn’t have a big voice and can sound strained when push­ing at his lim­its in I due Poli, which has a spacey vibe with plenty of theremin. The weakest track is the al­bum’s closer, Fuoco Sulla Col­lina, where Pradal’s lim­i­ta­tions as a singer are all too ap­par­ent and Mas­simo Spica’s tune­less lead gui­tar work quickly be­comes grat­ing. Thomas is much more fun with its bouncy or­gan melody, vin­tage synth sounds and un­hur­ried pace. Per Sem­pre Qui sees the band draw­ing deeply from the well of Floyd again, but if you take your prog with a shot of psychedelia and for­give Pradal’s voice, you may dig this. DW

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