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(pre­sented by Danny Baker) Danny Baker: “As the cliché goes, if any­one told the 14‑year‑old me I’d be do­ing this, I’d say that’s a life well lived. It was a won­der­ful thing to do. I only used a third of the tributes and gags I had… But here is one of the great mu­si­cians of one of the great bands of the 20th and 21st cen­tury. Mar­vel­lous.”

Carl Palmer: “I won the Vir­tu­oso award sev­eral years ago, but never re­ally thought about the main one. But it’s a real great thing for me to have right now, hav­ing lost two such big play­ers [ELP band­mates Keith Emer­son and Greg Lake], as well as John Wet­ton. Three in one 11‑month pe­riod. None of us are here on free­hold – it’s all lease­hold. But to work with such great peo­ple and have made such great mu­sic… this is very touch­ing. I’m still here and hav­ing this award is just great.”

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