Andy La­timer tells us about Moon­mad­ness’ unique art­work.

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How did this piece be­come the Moon­mad­ness cover?

Andy La­timer: “Our record com­pany asked sev­eral de­sign­ers to come up with an al­bum sleeve. the in­struc­tions were that it would be called Moon­mad­ness and, as it was in those days – and i can re­mem­ber Pink floyd talk­ing about the dark side Of the Moon and it was the same thing – they just had a ti­tle and the de­sign­ers came in with var­i­ous ideas. the band looked at them and we all agreed that we liked this one by [john] field. it was pretty rare that we all agreed on any­thing, but it was such a great cover. We didn’t work di­rectly with field as his de­sign was so good – why change it?”

What’s go­ing on in the art­work? What’s your in­ter­pre­ta­tion of it?

“ev­ery­body has their own ideas and con­clu­sions about it. i liked to think of it as two lovers gaz­ing at the moon and madly in love. Moon­mad­ness has a cer­tain feel­ing of in­ti­macy, which was a lot to do with Rhett davies’ sound. some­how field cap­tured that in the cover, which is prob­a­bly why all four of us loved it im­me­di­ately.”

Is it your favourite Camel al­bum cover? And if not, which one is?

“it’s re­ally dif­fi­cult to say which is my favourite as each holds a dif­fer­ent space of time for camel. for our first al­bum we were just chuffed to get an al­bum out! We loved the soft­ness of the camel blended with the strong rock im­age of a train – and i like trains any­way! nude was re­ally good too, and dust and dreams. each al­bum con­tains a lot of emo­tions and the cover should cap­ture the same well of feel­ing.” DL

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