Fan cover ver­sions of Residents ma­te­rial “mu­tated and col­laged” by the group.

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The Residents an­nounced the con­cept of I Am A Res­i­dent! in 2013, and when they asked for sub­mis­sions, they re­ceived 193 pieces of mu­sic. The idea is that as no one knows who The Residents are any­way, by re­work­ing their mu­sic, you’re as much a Res­i­dent as any­one else. The first CD is themed as an hour-long ra­dio show on ‘WREZ’, in­tro­duced by a cheesy host. It fea­tures some in­ven­tive, if night­mar­ish, mashup med­leys, like Hello Duck Stab, a 10-minute fair­ground swirl based on cov­ers of the Duck Stab EP. The sec­ond CD fea­tures 24 shorter tracks, which re­mind us that, by com­par­i­son, The Residents’ later ma­te­rial is par­tic­u­larly well recorded, and for all their freak­i­ness, they’ve pro­duced some fairly sim­ple songs. That said, what­ever the fans throw at the group, they can throw back some­thing big­ger, as on a ver­sion of Con­stantino­ple that’s buzzing with pun­ish­ingly abra­sive elec­tron­ics. The Residents’ ap­proach is arch and man­nered, and some of the vo­cal per­for­mances here are self-con­sciously wacko to drain­ing ef­fect, so a straight­for­ward read­ing of Loss: The Weath­er­man stands out. A bril­liant con­cept, then, but one that’s surely for fans only.

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