Pull out your sheets printed with a bright colour wheel and dis­cover your ideal colour com­bi­na­tions.

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Your beau­ti­fully- de­signed colour wheel is a handy tool to gen­er­ate colour in­spi­ra­tion, whether to jazz up your liv­ing space, or get the right look for your next project. It’s easy to use, and just the right size to slip into your bag. The wheel is split into warm, vi­brant tones, and cool, sooth­ing tones. Pick one, or spin the wheel for that el­e­ment of serendip­ity… For a bold, en­er­getic feel, go for two com­ple­men­tary colours op­po­site each other. For an un­der­stated mood, pick two or three shades next to each other.

It’s sim­ple to put your colour wheel to­gether. You’ll need to gather to­gether the three pull- out sheets, scis­sors, a steel ruler and scalpel, a com­pass cutter, plate (op­tional), dou­blesided sticky tape and a split pin.

1. Cut out the front plate and in­ner aper­tures. Use a scalpel and steel ruler for the straight edges. Us­ing a com­pass cutter, cut the curved aper­ture edges. Cut around a plate for the curves on the outer edge of the colour wheel. Make a hole in the cen­tre (us­ing the end of the scis­sors or a bra­dle).

2. Cut out the back plate, us­ing a scalpel and metal ruler to get sharp lines. Take care to cut out the cor­ner tabs. Make a hole in the cen­tre, and fold the eight tabs in­wards.

3. Us­ing the cen­tre point, use a com­pass cutter to cut out the cen­tre cir­cle of the colour wheel. Make a hole in the cen­tre.

4. Layer the back plate, cen­tre cir­cle and front plate. Us­ing strips of dou­ble-sided tape, stick the back plate tabs to the front plate. Push a split pin through the hole in the cen­tre.



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