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“He came up with some great lines,” says Ray of younger brother Dave, The Kinks’ pi­o­neer­ing gui­tarist and oc­ca­sional song­writer. “Dave wrote a song not many peo­ple know called Lincoln County, about some­body go­ing home and tak­ing a gift. ‘I’ve got a head­scarf there I bought for my momma that she won’t wear.’ Fab­u­lous!” Nev­er­the­less, as rock’n’roll’s orig­i­nal frac­tious sib­lings the Davies boys would draft the Queens­berry Rules for the future Gal­laghers. “I see Liam around,” com­ments Ray. “He hangs out in the lo­cal boozer sometimes. He’s had a hard per­sonal time but he’s get­ting back now. Sim­i­lar­i­ties? You couldn’t have cre­ated The Kinks and you couldn’t have cre­ated Oa­sis. They both needed that ten­sion.” Although as re­cently as 2014, Dave still called their re­la­tion­ship “toxic”, Ray sug­gests their blood will al­ways be thicker than wa­ter. “Dave’s do­ing good. He’s OK. We hadn’t seen each other for a while, so a year or so ago we got to­gether. I had Classic FM on the ra­dio and they played Vaughan Wil­liams’s Fan­ta­sia On A Theme By Thomas Tal­lis. Dave sud­denly said, ‘Re­mem­ber we used to lis­ten to this all the time at home when we were kids?’ I did. It was one of those strange Dave mo­ments.”

“You start­ing?”: Ray and Dave in 1976.

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