The Thoughts Of Chair­man Weller In 2017 ...

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On Bri­tain to­day:

“From the end of the ’ 80s on­wards I thought Bri­tish peo­ple had got­ten bet­ter trav­elled, less racist, less xeno­pho­bic. I still think that holds true. For ev­ery UKIP or Brexit per­son that seems re­ac­tionary, there’s still a lot of good peo­ple here.”

On smok­ing:

“I have tried a vape in the past but I’m still stuck with these fuck­ers [ waves Camel packet in the air]. It’s me last vice to get rid of. I’m one of those peo­ple that def­i­nitely do need some­thing. Damn right.”

On Rick Parfitt, R.I.P.:

“I was up­set when he died. Quo were the first band I saw live, in 1972. And he was a lo­cal lad from Wok­ing. My old man was mates with Ricky’s dad and he used to help us out, give us bits of equip­ment and that. He was a lovely fella.”

On his fash­ion line, Real Stars Are Rare:

“I de­sign the stuff – that sounds naff be­cause I’m not a de­signer – but I do these draw­ings and we work from that. I know – is there no end to this man’s tal­ents? OK, me draw­ings ain’t gonna win any fuck­ing prizes, no, but they’re good enough to show what I want the clothes to be. They’re very de­tailed, any­way.”

On his kids’ taste in mu­sic:

“My youngest, the twins, the mo­ment you put it on they’re bob­bing their heads. My el­dest daugh­ter Leah sings. She’s got a great voice, a bit like her mum. Her stuff’s sort of soul, or am­bi­ent soul or what­ever she calls it. Luna Child. She’s good.”

On the death of work­ing-class rock’n’roll:

“Four young geezers with gui­tars off an estate, you never see any more. And I don’t think it’ll ever come round again.” On one day be­com­ing The Mod­grand­fa­ther: “You mean grand­kids? Look­ing for­ward to it, mate. The more of us Wellers the mer­rier.”

On his obit­u­ary:

“I do think about my mor­tal­ity. The older you get the more you think about it. I just hope the mu­sic gets re­mem­bered. I think my mu­sic’s good enough that when it’s at its best it’ll last the test of time. It has so far.”

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