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The com­edy pi­rate ra­dio crew get se­ri­ous about the records that mat­ter to them.

diZZee raS­cal

Boy in da cor­ner (X l , 2003) MC Grindah: “It’s an im­por­tant record be­cause it made peo­ple take the MC thing se­ri­ously. We’ve be­ing do­ing the same for the last 12 years, so I re­late to [ Dizzee].” DJ Beats: “It was def­i­nitely a game-changer. [ Lead sin­gle] I Luv U is the only song we play on Ku­rupt FM with sing­ing.” Steves: “Dizzee made peo­ple take grime se­ri­ously, like Grindah with UK garage. But he made less money off it.” MC G: “A lot of peo­ple say he’s never bet­tered this. We never made that mis­take be­cause we’ve hardly done any tunes.”

Heart­leSS crew

PreSe ntS criSP BiS­cuit Vol. 1 (eaStwe St, 2002) MC G: “This has some of the best MCs on it, bar my­self. Ac­tu­ally, when­ever I talk about MCs take it as a given I’m bet­ter than ev­ery­one, cool? This is how real mu­sic should be. If you’ve not got MCs scream­ing over your tracks you’ve sold your­self short.” S: “In a world of mu­sic that’s mainly shit, this has a lot of the tracks we will lis­ten to.” MC G: “We’ve got 243 tunes we swear by, ev­ery­thing else is shit. The cut-off was 2006. We’d like to add the Stor­mzys and Novelists but…” S: “…we’ve got lim­ited space on the lap­top hard drive.”

So Solid

tHey don’t Know (re le ntle SS , 2001) MC G: “What they did was ground-break­ing. They had the Audi TTs and the ab­seil­ing in the video [ for the ti­tle track]. We were younger so we were on push­bikes, but we had ab­seil­ing for the Get Out The Way video un­til Steves shat­tered all the bones in his feet. He can be a self­ish c**t some­times. So Solid ob­vi­ously blew up so big that they split, but it’s not a prob­lem for us. So Solid were all as good as each other, whereas I’m the best of us. They’d be in­sane to leave me, bless ’em. I’m a bit like a lyri­cal youth club.”


Pure GaraGe (warne rS , 2000) MC G: “EZ is a great guy. We saw him at the Love­box Fes­ti­val re­cently. He didn’t say much, never does, but I think that’s be­cause he’s in awe of us. Ev­ery time we ask him for a photo he leaves straight­away. He shouldn’t be so hard on him­self, he’s a re­ally good DJ.” S: “We play bits and pieces from this on the ra­dio all the time…” MC G: “But not in or­der!” S: “I’ve been pulled up on that a cou­ple of times, although we let it play out when we do a shop run.”

dJ HyPe

Jun­Gle maS­SiVe (wSm uK , 2001) MC G: “Be­fore garage, we were jun­gle ravers. We used to go to squat par­ties, il­le­gal raves, [ in­flu­en­tial club] One Na­tion… well, we didn’t get into One Na­tion. Me and Beats stood in the al­ley out­side. It was one of the best nights; you could hear the bass through the wall. This is an im­por­tant al­bum be­cause Hype in­vented scratch­ing – another thing the Amer­i­cans stole from us. Steves tried it af­ter but didn’t quite grasp it. He got the nee­dle and scratched it up and down the vinyl. He was banned from ra­dio for two weeks, which as it’s at his flat he lit­er­ally made him­self home­less.”

tHe StreetS

oriG­i­nal Pi­rate ma­te­rial (679, 2002) MC G: “Lis­ten­ing to this was a no-brainer – we are pi­rate ra­dio – though at first I thought his ac­cent was a bit mad. He wasn’t do­ing the tra­di­tional garage voice, which is Ja­maican Dutch, but that’s brave. So big up Mike Skin­ner! He helped put pi­rate ra­dio on the map.” DJ B: “The ac­cent threw me at first, but the beats are hard and the sto­ries are good, though that’s niche. Some rap­pers are sound-ef­fect-based, some do sto­ries and some shell down the rave. Us? We shell down the rave!”


tred­din’ on tHin ice (X l , 2004) MC G: “He’s an orig­i­na­tor, and that’s from one god­fa­ther to another. They call him the god­fa­ther, I’m a god­fa­ther to my own daugh­ter, so we get each other. The ti­tle track re­ally stands out, it has that true “eski” sound, which he in­vented. You know that stands for “eskimo”? Those peo­ple who live in Ice­land where there’s snow ev­ery­where...” DJ B: “Eski­mos are sick. They’re the only peo­ple on earth who can kill whales with their bare hands, so I get why Wi­ley was in­spired.”


Home Sweet Home (679, 200 5) MC G: “He was one of the first – af­ter me – to be lyri­cal but still main­tain the fast flow of a true garage MC. Good luck to him, do­ing Go­ril­laz and stuff. I wouldn’t do that bol­locks be­cause I’m about beats. I don’t do mu­sic. We picked Kano be­cause we’ve not done an al­bum – but what I would say is watch this space.” DJ B: “Just keep watch­ing, ba­si­cally.” MC G: “Ac­tu­ally, can you leave a blank square on the page? We’ve got some­thing com­ing very soon.” ■ Peo­ple Just Do Noth­ing starts on 15 Au­gust on BBC Two.

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