Josh Homme in­tro­duces the cur­rent in­car­na­tion of Queens Of The Stone Age.

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Troy Van Leeuwen, Guitarist

“Troy has the same calm de­meanour whether it’s three in the morn­ing, three in the af­ter­noon, or three min­utes af­ter nine in the morn­ing. And he’s al­ways dressed the same, in a suit or some­thing. He is al­ways won­der­fully over-dressed. Even at the beach. Even when we go swim­ming in the ocean. He is a vam­pire, com­pletely. He just shows up on time, dressed to the nines. I love that about Troy. He al­ways has this con­sis­tency. I think of him as the rock.”

Michael Shu­man, Bassist

“Mike is the youngest, but the old­est guy in our band. He has the cau­tion of a 90- year-old for­mer ac­coun­tant. When we’re talk­ing about the moves that we make, he’s like, ‘Hold on a sec.’ I of­ten bounce things off Mike just to see what his re­ac­tion is be­cause I think he’s very cau­tious but he’s also not ob­sessed with that cau­tion, it’s just part of his make-up, in the nat­u­ral pac­ing of what he does. He’s very com­fort­able in his own skin. He’s not a wor­ry­wart. Mike is sus­pect of things.”

Dean Fer­tita, Key­boardist

“Dean would’ve made a won­der­ful youth pas­tor, and I mean that sin­cerely. He’s an in­cred­i­ble lis­tener, and a deep thinker, and he’s ex­tremely dis­ci­plined. Once I said, ‘Let’s go to break­fast,’ and he said, ‘I’ll go with you,’ and he wasn’t eat­ing. I said, ‘What’s go­ing on?’ He said, ‘I’m only eat­ing in an eight-hour win­dow.’ I was like, ‘OK.’ He is con­stantly in­ves­ti­gat­ing things and most of what goes on for Dean is be­hind his eyes. He’s very calm and col­lected, but it would be a mis­take to dis­re­spect Dean.”

Jon Theodore, Drum­mer

“Jon is from Bal­ti­more, he’s the son of a Haitian sur­geon. There’s so much com­plex­ity in his make-up, what goes into Jon Theodore’s brain and what has cre­ated Jon. He’s a surfer too, he lives in Cal­i­for­nia, surfs all the time. He’s a hand­some devil and he’s funny, but he could be out of Fast Times At Ridge­mont High as well. We’re all so dif­fer­ent but that’s the way it’s sup­posed to be. I look at Jon and think how amaz­ing it is to play with him.”

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