SOFT SOUNDS FROM ANOTHER PLANET DEAD OCEANS, OUT NOW Other­worldly cries into the void from in­die-pop au­teur.

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Ja­panese Break­fast is not a plate of go­han and a bowl of miso soup but the mu­si­cal project of Michelle Zauner. Her first LP, 2016’ s Psy­chopomp, was a pop re­flec­tion on the death of her mother, but here she swings sky­ward, both lyri­cally and mu­si­cally, tak­ing in­spi­ra­tion from sci-fi and the cos­mos. Soft Sounds… is at times out­landishly fic­tional – Ma­chin­ist tells the tale of a woman who falls in love with a ro­bot over Lynchian synth sweeps and a disco cho­rus. But it’s not all B-movie pew-pews and im­pen­e­tra­ble metaphor, the harp­si­chord-in­fused ’ 60s girl-group stylings of Boy­ish and the acous­tic This House show­ing real ver­sa­til­ity. Per­sonal but de­tached, fizzing but re­strained, it’s in­die-pop with a brain and a soul. KATE SOLOMON Lis­ten To: Ma­chin­ist | Boy­ish

Ja­panese Break­fast: “in­die-pop with a brain and a soul.”

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