We touch base with the El­bow head hon­cho for a three-brew morn­ing.

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Hello, Guy, where are you right now? I’m sat on me sofa, con­tem­plat­ing watch­ing the new cow­boy thing on Net­flix. Will you be there all day, binge-watch­ing? Oh, man, I can’t do that any more. That would’ve been post-tour be­haviour once, I would’ve eaten all the bad food you could have de­liv­ered and just done the whole thing. But hav­ing a baby kind of re­stricts that be­haviour. What’s for break­fast in the Gar­vey house­hold? Usu­ally I’ll have a bit of ce­real or what­ever and if we pop out, I’ll have some­thing with eggs. This morn­ing I’ve had – clas­sic – cheese on toast. Con­grat­u­la­tions on sound­track­ing the Christ­mas John Lewis ad with a cover of The Bea­tles’ Golden Slum­bers. How did that come about? John Lewis got in touch and said, “Michel Gondry? The Bea­tles?” And we said, “Yeah!” What’s not to love? It meant bring­ing our Best Of for­ward a few months but it couldn’t have worked out bet­ter. My wife heard it on the ra­dio and started cry­ing. Is that the vibe you’re go­ing for? Ah­hhh! I don’t think you can do that song any other way. It’s a beau­ti­ful thing. “A good song dun’t need sin­gin’,” is a phrase I’ve in­vented but I’m try­ing to pass off as a fore­gone. My mum said some­thing re­ally beau­ti­ful. She said, “The Bea­tles saved my life when they ap­peared, I was hav­ing a bad time and they were there, and hear­ing you lot sing that has ab­so­lutely made my year.” That’s nice. I did no­tice there has been a na­tional out­cry, by which I mean a hand­ful of tweets, ex­press­ing mild hys­te­ria that your ver­sion doesn’t go into Carry That Weight, as The Bea­tles’ orig­i­nal ver­sion does. How do you plead? I don’t know what we could do about that. If we’d have fin­ished Side-B of Abbey Road, then peo­ple might in­sist that we then go on to do the next Bea­tles al­bum. I did no­tice that na­tional out­cry. Isn’t it funny, two or three tweets be­comes a na­tional out­cry! The weird­est thing is, the week we were asked, I played the whole of Side-B on my ra­dio pro­gramme, for the ex­act same rea­son that you just can’t pick one, so I just thought, “Sod it.” It was met with rap­ture. Isn’t that just be­ing a lazy DJ? “Oh well, the first track’s great, might as well play the rest of the al­bum…” Ha­haha! Yeah, this is it, just present an al­bum. I was dead chuffed lis­ten­ing to it back though, it sounded great. Have you ever had any­one recog­nise you be­cause of your ra­dio show rather than be­cause you’re the El­bow front­man? I have, ac­tu­ally, in Queen’s Park in Lon­don. A guy heard me talk­ing on the phone and turned round and said, “Oh, are you Guy Gar­vey? I recog­nise your voice from your pro­gramme.” So, yeah. It’s well cool. In other coun­tries as well, I get peo­ple who only know me be­cause of the show. Now that you’ve done a Best Of, are you wor­ried peo­ple might say their favourite El­bow al­bum is The Best Of El­bow? I kind of don’t mind. My favourite Fleet­wood Mac al­bum is The Best Of Fleet­wood Mac, and my favourite Leonard Cohen al­bum is The Best Of Leonard Cohen. So I don’t mind. The main thing for us is we’re re­ally proud of ev­ery­thing we’ve re­leased, with the ex­cep­tion of one B-side called One Thing That Was Both­er­ing Me, the cho­rus of which is, “We all love Columbo!” I wish to fuck we hadn’t done that. What will you be do­ing 20 min­utes from now? I’ll be in a café down the road get­ting mush­rooms on toast. It sounds bland but it’s the most de­li­cious thing I’ve ever eaten. Is it an on-toast day for you to­day then? It’s def­i­nitely an on-toast day. It’s a fourslicer, three-brew morn­ing for me. Thanks, Guy, en­joy your mush­rooms on toast! Thanks! Take care, love!

“It’s def initely an on-toast day to­day. It’s a four-slicer, three­brew morn­ing for me.”

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