If You Tol­er­ate This... Nicky Wire’s “Ir­ra­tional Hates List”

Wire’s head is con­tin­u­ally bom­barded by “ir­ra­tional hates”. “My end­less spite,” he notes, mer­rily. “Hate is a strong word? Not in Man­ics-world. I’ve reached the point where I hate the world more than I hate my­self. Progress!”

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1 Weed­ily dressed men. “Men in their 50s who wear fuck­ing jumpers and brogues. Aw­ful. It’s anath­ema to me.” 2 Con­tem­po­raries who ac­cept OBEs/MBEs. “Baf­fling, on every level. Da­mon [ Al­barn], Polly Har­vey, Ar­mando Ian­nucci, peo­ple I ad­mire, with a brain, our age. Why? It’s such a shit club to be a mem­ber of, full of rogues and de­spi­ca­bles. I’d rather stab my eye­balls out with a sharp pen­cil than ever bow be­fore the Royal Fam­ily.” 3 Ly­ing ac­tors. “Ac­tors in aw­ful fran­chises, Avengers, X-Men, who have the gall to go on Gra­ham Nor­ton and say, ‘The only rea­son I did this is be­cause of the script.’ Con­ning us! That’s why Richard Burton and Michael Caine [ below] were so great, ‘I’m just do­ing it for the fuck­ing money.’ Tell the truth!” 4 Vari­a­tions on house­hold taps. “From sim­ple hot and cold to this… cor­nu­copia. It’s the one thing where di­ver­sity hasn’t worked.” 5 Films about ex­plor­ers. “Peo­ple who had to fuck­ing eat their own leg cos they’ve been stupid enough to climb a moun­tain with­out any pur­pose what­so­ever. They just can’t cope with re­al­ity. It’s point­less. Like my own ex­is­tence.” 6 Happy po­etry. “Worth­less. Po­etry can still be full of love but it has to come from a place of deep sor­row.” 7 The cash-free so­ci­ety. “When When some wanker pays for the bill in Waga­mama on their iPhone and it doesn’t work, I have of­fered to pay with cash. Just out of spite.”

Michael Caine: “This is my truth…”

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