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Once acid house went main­stream it didn’t take long for Bri­tish pranksters to get in on the act. D-Mob’s 1988 hit We Call It Acieed set the tone, but it was The Prodigy’s Charly, which brazenly sam­pled a chil­dren’s safety ad­vert, that sparked a rush of “toy­town” im­i­ta­tions. By the sum­mer of 1992 nov­elty tracks com­bin­ing nudge-nudge drug ref­er­ences with lifts from vin­tage TV in­cluded Ur­ban Hype’s Trip To Trump­ton, which sam­pled the ’ 60s kids’ show of the same name, and Smart E’s in­fa­mous Se­same’s Treet. Even The Shamen got in on the act with Ebe­neezer Goode. Its cocky “Es are good” re­frain earned them their first Num­ber 1, but also sug­gested the UK rave scene was in danger of turn­ing into a bad joke.

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