The Who front­man is more likely to be curs­ing at the TV than ap­pear­ing on it.

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The Who man on deck­ing Pete Town­shend and what makes him swear at the TV.

What was the last al­bum you bought? When we started out, The Who were al­ways cov­er­ing dif­fer­ent stuff from every­body else. I used to go out ev­ery day and search out strange, un­heard of al­bums with tracks that we could do. We used to try and do a new song ev­ery week. But I haven’t paid for an al­bum for 50 years. Bol­locks to that, every­body steals our mu­sic so I’m go­ing to steal every­body else’s! When was the last time you swore at the tele­vi­sion? Ev­ery night. It’s much bet­ter than swear­ing at the mis­sus. It’s just the shal­low­ness of some of the stuff they put on. What a load of bol­locks. The last thing I had a re­ally good swear at was that new Agatha Christie thing Or­deal By In­no­cence] that’s on TV. It’s so fuck­ing bad, it’s un­be­liev­able. I just think, “What a load of old tosh.” And you have to wait a week be­tween episodes, I think, “Fuck me, I’m los­ing the will to live.” When were you last of­fered an act­ing role? I get ap­proached all the time but I don’t want to do it any more. It be­came un­en­joy­able. The last bit of act­ing I did was on CSI. I did a lot of work. When I look back, the one that was the most fun was the char­ac­ter I played in High­lander: The Se­ries. I used to send it up ter­ri­ble be­cause I couldn’t take that shit se­ri­ously. I mean, come on! When did you last cook break­fast for some­one? A cou­ple of months ago. It was a Welsh rarebit. Do I have a culi­nary spe­cial­ity? Yeah, corn­flakes. I’m not a chef by any means but I can get away with it. My wife broke her wrist last year and couldn’t cook for six weeks so I had to do it and we sur­vived. That’s all I can say, we sur­vived. When was the last time you watched Arse­nal? I watch ev­ery game on TV. I love foot­ball and I like to watch all the teams. I like to see how good they are and weigh up the op­po­si­tion. I don’t like go­ing to the Emi­rates, some­thing hap­pened when High­bury closed for me. They split us sea­son ticket hold­ers up. It was peo­ple I’d been sit­ting with for 20 odd years, you knew ev­ery­one and you’d get the ban­ter go­ing. When I went to the Emi­rates the first few times I found it cold. It was like go­ing to work for me. We played those kinds of places our whole fuck­ing lives. When was the last time you used your skills as a sheet metal worker? I do some bits and pieces on the farm, I might do a bit of weld­ing. That’s all the easy stuff, it’s not re­ally sheet metal work. I haven’t done that since I left the fac­tory. I knocked a few dents out of the car but that’s about it. Hav­ing strong hands from it came in handy some­times in a row. When was the last time you got into a phys­i­cal fight? Oh God, I can’t re­mem­ber. A long, long time ago. It was prob­a­bly when we were do­ing Quadrophe­nia when I hit Pete. Way back in the ’ 70s when we made the al­bum. He made the mis­take of hit­ting me with a gui­tar, I didn’t like it. It doesn’t mat­ter what the ar­gu­ment was over. It’s old hat, you don’t need to go there! What is the last thing you’d do if the world was end­ing? I’d make sure I had all my fam­ily there and I’d just hug them and tell them I love ’em. Then I’d say, “Let’s head for the en­trance.”

Roger Daltrey: has knocked dents out of cars and put dents into Pete Town­shend.

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