Q (UK) - - Goat Girl -

(1981 , FAC­TORY)

“I played this record a lot when I was a stu­dent. It’s a re­ally dark al­bum and is good to lis­ten to when you’re stoned. It’s got the space, echo and amaz­ing drums, thanks to a mas­ter­class pro­duc­tion by Martin Han­nett. It has this kind of de­con­structed, ESG feel to it – dirty and min­i­mal, with deep bass and bright drums. This is a to­tally mys­te­ri­ous record and I can see why Kanye West and his pro­duc­ers sam­pled Hit from here [ on 2016’ s FML]. It’s Martin Han­nett at his most coked-out and bril­liant, evok­ing bleak, rainy days on the dole.”

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