Q (UK) - - Goat Girl -

(1974 , ARIOLA)

“Whisky David is a Scot­tish-born guy who went on tour to Spain with The Yard­birds in ’66 and liked it so much he stayed. He made this one proto-glam al­bum and it’s in­sane. The cover has got him wear­ing a kilt, trapped in a bot­tle of whisky, and it sounds like it was recorded in a bot­tle too! All the in­stru­ments sound tiny and com­pressed, but I still think it’s the ul­ti­mate party al­bum. There’s a bal­lad on here called Charly about his dead dog, ‘Charly, my lit­tle friend!’ he sings, kind of sound­ing like Rod Stewart if he drank Drano. It’s silly but fun.”

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