Q (UK) - - Goat Girl -

(1980, 2 TONE)

“When I was a kid I bought the first Spe­cials al­bum on vinyl and it blew me away. In LA at the time peo­ple re­ally took to ska – we loved the clothes and its world view, plus it was kind of re­lated to punk be­cause it was out­sider mu­sic. That record was so catchy and fun to lis­ten to, while the sec­ond LP, More Spe­cials, was a lit­tle darker, more Ja­maican in feel­ing, but had this su­per-cool cover of this nutty, mixed-race band with guys with miss­ing teeth and wear­ing up­side down sun­glasses who looked like they were hav­ing a laugh. It was all about just lov­ing the mu­sic.”

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