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Dear Q, re­cently my good friend Hanna asked me what I’d like for my birth­day and I said the new Girl Ray al­bum, hav­ing just fin­ished read­ing your great fea­ture about the North Lon­don trio in the lat­est is­sue. So I was sur­prised to see on open­ing my present on my birth­day that she’d mis­tak­enly got me the new record by South Lon­don quar­tet Goat Girl in­stead. Any­way, it didn’t mat­ter in the end be­cause she then went out and bought me the Girl Ray record too. So now I’m dou­bly made-up – two bril­liant al­bums for the price of one! So, thank you Q and Hanna for be­ing my friends. Jill Crowthers, via Q Mail

Dou­ble al­bum joy: Girl Ray (above left) and Goat Girl (left).

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