You won’t catch the Kasabian gui­tarist in a waist­coat. No way.

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We catch up with the Kasabian gui­tarist cur­rently get­ting back to his roots in Italy.

Hi, Serge, where are you right now? Hello. I’m back­stage in Fer­rara, Italy; it’s beau­ti­ful but it’s proper rain­ing. Your grandad is from Genoa – how’s your Ital­ian? I can un­der­stand it a great deal bet­ter than I can speak it. My dad tried to make me learn as a kid but I was like, “I’m not go­ing to learn a fuck­ing lan­guage, no way!” Now I re­ally re­gret it. I’ve got the ba­sics be­cause my old man would speak it to me. Can you give us a phrase or two? “You have been the most beau­ti­ful crowd we’ve ever had.” That kind of thing helps at a gig. What’s that in Ital­ian? Sei una folla fan­tas­tica. See, that wasn’t bad, was it? Nice pro­nun­ci­a­tion. Can you knock up a good pasta sauce? Yeah, pretty good. It’s the only thing I’ll at­tempt in the kitchen. Genoa is fa­mous for pesto so I do a mean pesto. I make two dishes re­ally well and don’t mess around with any­thing else. I do a ridicu­lously good car­bonara, too. There was a story re­cently that waist­coat sales were up be­cause of Gareth South­gate at the World Cup. As foot­ball fans, could you and Tom have worn them on­stage as an act of sol­i­dar­ity with the team? No. One mil­lion per cent. Ab­so­lutely not. To be fair, I saw a photo of you over the week­end wearing white leg­gings with black patches sewn on. They’re my skele­ton trousers… Do you have an “off duty” out­fit for nip­ping out to buy a pint of milk? I like a track­suit, Nike train­ers, a baggy T-shirt. Less foot­ball hooli­gan, more A$AP-Rocky-down-the-Co-op kind of vibe. Un­like many other fa­mous peo­ple from Le­ices­ter, you still live there. Do you ever spot any other city celebri­ties when you’re out? There’s a few old foot­ballers that still hang around. [ Ex-Le­ices­ter City mid­fielder] Muzzy Izzet, I see quite a bit, he’s a good lad. I think Gazza might live there now. A few of my mates have seen him and had photos taken with him. I’m not sure if I be­lieve it. He’s def­i­nitely been seen a lot in Le­ices­ter re­cently so some­thing is go­ing on. Your last al­bum was called For Cry­ing Out Loud. Did any­one point out that it had the same ti­tle as Jeremy Clark­son’s se­ries of books? Whose books?!? No, that’s hi­lar­i­ous! I’m sur­prised he didn’t sue me. Much like when the lead singer leaves a band, would you say that it was in­evitable that Top Gear was go­ing to strug­gle af­ter Clark­son left? I don’t re­ally know too much about Top Gear. If we’d been in­vited on it, that would have been a won­der­ful bit of TV be­cause Tom doesn’t have a driv­ing li­cence. I would pay a lot of money just to see a record­ing of him hav­ing a les­son. Did you watch your mate Noel Field­ing on …Bake Off? Yeah, of course. I don’t know what peo­ple were ex­pect­ing but that was part of the beauty of it. I knew he’d be fine. He’s fas­ci­nated by ev­ery­thing and he’s in­ter­ested in ev­ery­thing. He’s a joy, that guy. On the sub­ject of pas­try, how hard is it to get a good sausage roll on tour? You’ve got to seek out a butch­ers for that. Don’t go into the main stores, you need to go into the lit­tle vil­lages, that’s where you find the nice butch­ers. If you can be both­ered, though – it’s a big com­mit­ment for a sausage roll. What about a Gin­sters? Not for me. I’ve got too many bad mem­o­ries as­so­ci­ated with a Gin­sters. That fuck­ing mi­crowaved nu­clear gunk in­side… On the first al­bum we ticked ev­ery ser­vice sta­tion box, ev­ery bit of food. Never again. I don’t know why you have to eat swill at the ser­vices. Te­bay Ser­vices on the M6 is meant to be nice. Is that the one in Glouces­ter? They’ve got one there, too. That’s the one. That’s half­way from my house to my sis­ter’s. That place is crazy. You go in and come out with bags of food to put in the boot. Pas­tries and ar­ti­san cheeses. It’s non­sense. If you had your own head, but the body of an animal, what animal would you choose? Off the top of my head, a puma. Wouldn’t it be dif­fi­cult to play gui­tar? But I’d en­joy be­ing on four legs… You could prob­a­bly pro­gram a synth with your paws… Yeah, I’d be fine as a puma. Don’t worry about me, man. What are you go­ing to be do­ing 20 min­utes from now? Eat­ing pizza by the pi­azza with a bot­tle of Peroni. Maybe I’ll get my­self a gelatti. The rain is start­ing to die down and the sun’s pok­ing its head out. Sounds nice. En­joy your pizza! Cheers, brother, take care!

“I would pay a lot of money to see a record­ing of Tom hav­ing a driv­ing les­son.”

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