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Con­fused by the terms in the is­sue? Check out our handy dic­tionary AC­ETATE Ac­etate is avail­able in clear or coloured trans­par­ent sheets and can be used be­hind aper­tures, as an over­lay, or for glass paint­ing. AL­CO­HOL MARK­ERS A pen con­tain­ing ink and al­co­hol. The al­co­hol evap­o­rates upon ap­pli­ca­tion, which leaves the ink float­ing on the pa­per, thus re­mov­ing colour­ing lines.

CLEAR STAMPS Clear stamps are a type of un­mounted stamp. They are made of clear poly­mer and will ‘cling’ onto an acrylic block with­out ad­he­sive. EM­BOSS­ING POW­DERS These are grainy pow­ders that melt when heated with a heat gun to cre­ate a shiny, raised fin­ish (see heat em­boss­ing). They are avail­able in a va­ri­ety of colours and tex­tures for dif­fer­ent ef­fects. HEAT EM­BOSS­ING This gives stamped im­ages a glossy, raised fin­ish. It in­volves sprin­kling em­boss­ing pow­der onto an im­age stamped with pig­ment ink, and then heat­ing with a heat gun, which melts the pow­der and cre­ates the shiny, raised fin­ish when dry. MASK­ING A tech­nique where one stamp is placed upon an­other, which cre­ates the il­lu­sion of depth.

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