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Score across the mid­dle of an 11x22cm piece of card. Cut a heart in one half. Stick 0.5cm strips to the edges of the other half.


Trace the heart onto a 10x10.5cm piece of card. Stamp the owl onto the card. Cover the owl with a mask and stamp twice more.


Stamp an owl onto ac­etate. Add dou­blesided tape to the bot­tom of the im­age panel. Layer, then stick be­tween the edge strips.


Cover a 9.5x11cm piece of card. Round the cor­ners. Stick a 10x0.5cm strip to the rear bot­tom edge. Cut a 9.5cm slit in the fold.


Thread the slider through the slit. Lift the ac­etate over the slider. Add dou­ble-sided tape around the aper­ture and on the edg­ing.


Cover the card blank with pa­per. Add a sen­ti­ment and stick to the card front. Add two ad­di­tional owls. Fin­ish with goo­gly eyes.

Pull the slider panel to rev veal a whole clan of colour­ful ow wls!

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