Ian Har­ri­son salutes a prof­itable sum­mer which would have been even bet­ter but for the weather

Racing Ahead - - CONTENTS - Ian Har­ri­son has suc­cess­fully man­aged Gold­crest for 32 years. His book­let ‘Ad­vice to Back­ers’ is avail­able free by e mail.

Ian Har­ri­son says his Christ­mas Fund is do­ing nicely

We have suf­fered prob­a­bly the most con­trary sum­mer ever. Once again it has been pro­claimed that cli­mate change is a lot of bunk.The earth is cooler now than it was in 1999. As for Bri­tish weather, Bob Hope got it right when he said that most coun­tries have a cli­mate but Bri­tain has the ‘weather’ and you get ev­ery bit of it ev­ery day.

In racing you need sta­bil­ity. It is ei­ther firm or soft and when firm sud­denly changes to soft it be­comes a bookies ben­e­fit. It is telling that the worst year ever for bookies prof­its was 1976 when it was dry all sum­mer. We ei­ther need steady good go­ing or steady soft go­ing oth­er­wise the form you are look­ing at is use­less. From the high num­bers of non run­ners the race­courses are still show­ing dis­torted go­ing re­ports. You can as­sess the truth from the num­ber of non run­ners.Gold­crest is well in profit and the Xmas Fund is look­ing healthy but we were brought to a halt in Au­gust be­cause of the rain.

The FOBT saga still con­tin­ues and I doubt whether the max­i­mum stake will be dropped by very much and it is all a bit fu­tile any­way be­cause if the max­i­mum stake were to be dropped to £2 the ad­dicts can then turn to the in­ter­net where they will find hun­dreds of sites happy to re­lieve them of their money.

The big prob­lem is the Trea­sury will lose many mil­lions if the stakes are re­duced. The min­is­ter in charge of this fi­asco has fallen un­der the charms of the bet­ting in­dus­try and keeps bleat­ing on about job losses when all the bookies close down. Peo­ple’s lives are be­ing de­stroyed by these foul ma­chines but the gov­ern­ment doesn’t give a toss. The only way to beat a roulette wheel is to walk away when you are ahead but the peo­ple who are suf­fer­ing don’t re­alise that it is a sick­ness, an­other ad­dic­tion. They would never think of walk­ing away.. .un­til all the money is gone of course. This isn’t gam­bling, this is the road to ruin.

If you are not a sub­scriber to Bet­fair you should join. It’s very easy to do so with help avail­able online.They will has­sle you to put some money into the ac­count and a fiver should keep them quiet. The rea­son why you should join is be­cause of the statis­tics that are avail­able there and nowhere else. Once on board you can ac­cess the card that you are in­ter­ested in.Look at your se­lec­tion and you will see a tiny graph sign to the left of the horse’s name.Click on that and the graph will show you whether your horse is be­ing sup­ported and the per­cent­age of the pot that is on it.Very use­ful to know and a boost for your con­fi­dence, or not, as the case may be. This graph is in­valu­able to Lay back­ers.

Once a year I of­fer a free month and Oc­to­ber is al­ways a good month for us when the fil­lies come into their own.If you are bet­ting for fun with fivers Gold­crest wouldn’t be for you at all. If you are a se­ri­ous backer with pa­tience then this free month is aimed at you and if you go to the web­site, www.sam­, I ex­plain ex­actly how we work and back this up with a 27 page book­let in A4 which is in­valu­able as a guide.

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