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Swedish ‘66s’ in traf­fic with GBRf

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Three Class 66s im­ported from Swe­den by GB Rail­freight have en­tered traf­fic fol­low­ing a pe­riod of test­ing.

The lo­co­mo­tives (6679066792) are leased via Bea­con Rail and have been mod­i­fied to en­able them to run on the UK net­work. They were ac­quired to meet GBRf’s grow­ing trac­tion re­quire­ments.

Mean­while, the first of five ‘66s’ re­cently ac­quired by GBRf from Ger­many has moved to Progress Rail’s Long­port site for mod­i­fi­ca­tions that will al­low it to op­er­ate in this coun­try.

Hav­ing been sta­bled at Don­caster Roberts Road for sev­eral weeks, 66793 was taken to Long­port, leav­ing 66794 at the south York­shire de­pot.

Three more lo­co­mo­tives are due to ar­rive in the UK in the com­ing weeks, with all five ex­pected in traf­fic by the mid­dle of next year.

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