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I think fi­nally it has time to put pen to paper in my frus­tra­tion on see­ing that B25 again and again. I think the bike has had far too many pages de­voted to the tri­als and trou­bles of that re­build. It’s too painful now, you need a new project and fresh ma­te­rial. I hope you don’t think this is a dig as I find the ma­jor­ity of the ar­ti­cles very good. Put it to bed or I will turn to other read­ing mat­ter! Only jok­ing. Dave Kirkham, mem­ber 12,029

Un­like the tele­vi­sual world of ‘and here’s one we did ear­lier’ Frank and I in­habit the real world. Frank’s Shed ad­ven­tures rep­re­sent a gen­uine ex­pe­ri­ence of liv­ing with old bikes. If this was a ‘re­al­ity’ TV show, we’d just have half a dozen ‘ex­perts’ fix the BSA overnight, de­clare it done and move onto the next fake. But we don’t do that – be­cause this is what re­ally hap­pens to ‘nor­mal’ peo­ple try­ing to re­build and ride old bikes. Things don’t al­ways go to plan. That’s… the… whole… point. We’ve been try­ing to get this bike right for two decades: we’re cer­tainly not giv­ing up now. Rowena

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