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Loads and loads and loads. Ev­ery­one loves read­ing let­ters: write more! Send more an­cient pics! More opin­ions!

It’s nice to see Rowena’s En­field get­ting some at­ten­tion, and it’ll be in­ter­est­ing to see how far the cos­metic makeover goes. My own Elec­tra is an EFI model. I bought a per­fectly ser­vice­able mo­tor­cy­cle, with what I thought was the most un­com­fort­able seat I’ve ever rid­den on. So I de­cided to change the seat… and the bars didn’t suit the new seat so I changed those too… and the footrests didn’t suit the new rid­ing po­si­tion so I moved them back­wards an inch and a half… and the rear mud­guard didn’t look right with the sin­gle seat so I changed it… which meant I had to move the rear light… and those HD in­di­ca­tors I had on the shelf were so much neater than the En­field ones…

She’s fin­ished now and I’m very happy with the re­sult. Just hope you know when to stop! Andy Hav­ill, mem­ber Ah. Well, we were think­ing more of a crosser/ tracker look for our En­field, but may have been over­taken by events as you’ll see in The Shed. The price of re­place­ment com­po­nents is ter­ri­fy­ing, given the value of the ac­tual mo­tor­cy­cle. The bike it­self is fine, if rusty, but re­plac­ing the ex­haust, seat, footrests and get­ting the wheels re­built – even us­ing the orig­i­nal rims stoved black – is re­mark­able. Prob­a­bly more than the bike’s worth. It surely is a puz­zle… FrankW

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