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Thank you and the RC crew for the best ‘old­timer’ bike mag I can get in Europe. I per­son­ally think you never need the en­gine with the big­gest ca­pac­ity if you are not a ‘speeder’. For ex­am­ple, the old BMW air­heads. I own a 1000cc ma­chine. This runs not very smoothly, due to 500cc in each pis­ton. Com­pared to the 800cc ver­sion, there is a very big dif­fer­ence. That one runs much more smoothly and on very small coun­try roads it is eas­ier to han­dle, en­gine-wise, al­though the over­all weight is much the same. Mov­ing down to the small air­head se­ries, the weight is 15-20kg lower and you have a very smooth en­gine as well as dif­fer­ent frame ge­om­e­try, tyre size, etc, which makes for re­ally re­laxed coun­try rid­ing. So it de­pends on what you want and need. Peter Wüster, mem­ber

I pre­fer to ride a lit­tle ’un, us­ing all of its per­for­mance, rather than the crazy 150bhp mon­sters. It is far too much hard work strug­gling to keep such con­trap­tions down to sen­si­ble speeds as they go into or­bit at a smidgen of throt­tle open­ing. Due to the prac­ti­cal­i­ties of speed lim­its, a mod­ern scooter will do the same miles per day as a crotch rocket. When it comes to weight and height, and speak­ing as a geri­atric with duck’s dis­ease, size and weight are a big is­sue. Only bas­ket­ball play­ers can man­age the cur­rent ad­ven­ture-tourer craze.

With Bri­tish ver­ti­cal twins, in my ex­pe­ri­ence, a 500 twin from Nor­ton, Ariel, AMC, Tri­umph, et al, is much smoother than the larger ca­pac­ity ver­sions. Un­less rub­ber mounted or of a mod­ern, counter-shaft de­sign, the big­ger the en­gine the worse they are from the vi­bra­tion point of view. The 500 Ariel twin is the smoothest ver­ti­cal twin I ever owned, and the 750 Laverda twins can be nice and smooth.

Cur­rently, my Pi­ag­gio MP3 three wheeler, Royal En­field 500 Clas­sic and the lovely slim­line Easy­too suit me just fine. They’re a joy to ride.

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