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LIFT YOUR RIGHT foot to en­gage low gear. Pedal travel in this op­er­a­tion is a full two inches, which means lift­ing your foot com­pletely off the peg. Pedal feel is de­lib­er­ate rather than crisp, but there is no dis­con­cert­ing me­chan­i­cal noise or lurch A FAIRLY STOUT clutch pull of 18lb is made less of a bother by the smooth­ness of the re­lease. Si­mul­ta­ne­ous par­tial open­ing of the throt­tle and re­leas­ing of the clutch lever pro­duces ab­so­lutely rip­ple-free starts WE NO­TICED sev­eral ob­vi­ous char­ac­ter­is­tics of the Tor­nado’s na­ture. First was the in­cred­i­ble amount of torque pro­duced by the en­gine at low revs. It pulls like a steam train from 2500rpm; and at low speeds the bike han­dles ex­tremely awk­wardly. There is a strong feel­ing of un­der­steer­ing and top heav­i­ness THE FASTER you ride the Tor­nado, the hap­pier it is. It likes noth­ing bet­ter than hold­ing a steady 80mph. For re­ally hard rid­ing, it’s the only ma­chine around that we en­joy as much as the Honda Four THE MAS­SIVE 4ls front brake cre­ates more than enough stop­ping force to make fast rid­ing on the Tor­nado as safe as it is ex­cit­ing THE MORE MILES it ac­crued, the smoother and more re­spon­sive it got. With a few tweaks it would be a per­fect 650 tour­ing bike. It’s al­ready the best we’ve tested Cy­cle World, 1971

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