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I have found that an elec­tric meat-carv­ing knife makes short work of slic­ing up old in­ner tubes to make heavy duty multi-pur­pose rub­ber bands. We used these a lot in my trail rid­ing days, where they were in­vari­ably re­ferred to as ‘Dicky Dun­lops’.

An­other tip: while watch­ing the 1971 ISDT on the IoM, I was told that the Czech team car­ried con­doms to use as fuel trans­fer­ence re­cep­ta­cles, from one bike to an­other, when needed. I sub­se­quently tried this when green­lan­ing, but the petrol dis­solved the rub­ber. I can only as­sume that the Czech con­doms were made from trac­tor in­ner tubes, or some­thing sim­i­lar. Roger Ne­wark, mem­ber 5643

I should prob­a­bly point out that if any­one de­cap­i­tates him/her­self fol­low­ing the ad­vice given in these pages… it’s your own look­out! Frank is dan­ger­ous enough with a drill. I’m not in­tro­duc­ing an elec­tric carv­ing knife into the house­hold. Rowena And… those in­ner tube rings were known as ‘Viney bones’ when I was a lad. Frank W

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