The colonel’s con­fes­sion

De­tec­tive Jim Smyth used the reid tech­nique over sev­eral hours, leav­ing Wil­liams nowhere to hide

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Smyth sets a re­laxed mood, lulling Wil­liams into a false

sense of se­cu­rity. JS: I ap­pre­ci­ate you com­ing for an in­ter­view like this. I don’t know if you’re a cof­fee guy?

He then sets the pa­ram­e­ters for the con­ver­sa­tion. JS: I have a sim­ple rule when I talk to peo­ple: I treat every­body with re­spect and I ask that they do the same for me.

Wil­liams is given plenty of op­por­tu­ni­ties to ad­mit that he has been ly­ing to Smyth. Through­out the in­ter­view he asks Wil­liams to make sure that he

has been ac­cu­rate in his an­swers. JS: Do you have any rec­ol­lec­tion of be­ing off that road?

RW: I was not off that road.

JS: OK, al­right.

Grad­u­ally Smyth leads Wil­liams in. JS: I told you when I came in here that I would treat you with re­spect and that you’d do the same for me. We talked about the whole idea how we’ve ap­proached you here, try­ing to be as dis­crete as pos­si­ble, OK? But the prob­lem is, ev­ery time I walk out of this room there’s an­other is­sue that comes up, OK? And it’s not is­sues that point away from you, it’s is­sues that point to­wards you. Smyth poleaxes Wil­liams by pro­duc­ing ir­refutable proof of his pres­ence at

the scenes of crime. He shows him the footwear im­pres­sion found un­der Jes­sica Lloyd’s bed­room win­dow and com­pares it to

Wil­liams’s own im­print. JS: Th­ese are iden­ti­cal.


JS: Your ve­hi­cle drove up the side of Jes­sica Lloyd’s house. Your boots walked to the back of Jes­sica Lloyd’s house. At this point re­al­ity hits home and Wil­liams re­alises that the game is up. He had been made to feel se­cure and the sud­den ex­po­sure caused him to break. Smyth squeezes out the lo­ca­tion of the tapes and pho­tos by

play­ing on the love Wil­liams has for his wife. JS: Russ, is there any­thing you want from me? Is there any­thing you want me to ex­plain? Russ, what are you lookin’ for?

RW: I’m con­cerned they’re tear­ing apart my wife’s brand new house.

JS: So am I, but if no­body tells them what’s there and what’s not there they don’t have a choice. Wil­liams then ex­plains where all his pho­to­graphs and

tapes can be lo­cated.

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