“Franklin Bol­volt the First”

As his be­hav­iour be­came in­creas­ingly manic and bizarre, Mackay de­vel­oped an ob­ses­sion with Nazism

Real Crime - - Son Of The Devil -

De­spite his mixed her­itage ( his mother was Cre­ole and from Guyana), Mackay be­gan to iden­tify as a mem­ber of the Aryan race. He made him­self a Nazi uni­form from a grey suit and black tape, fin­ish­ing the look with a replica Iron Cross – which he was wear­ing when he was ar­rested – and a pair of jack­boots. Among his most prized pos­ses­sions was an enor­mous Nazi ea­gle and swastika. Mackay could of­ten be found in full re­galia goose- step­ping down the street, giv­ing Nazi salutes and shout­ing Ger­man phrases. He be­gan telling peo­ple he was “Franklin Bol­l­volt the First”, which was “a name to be feared and re­mem­bered, like Adolf Hitler’s”. Crim­i­nol­o­gist Pro­fes­sor David Wilson has linked this be­hav­iour to Mackay’s child­hood: “Psy­cho- dy­nam­i­cally, he’s mak­ing him­self scary. Peo­ple will be afraid of him. So much of his life was about him be­ing afraid of his father.”

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