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The cur­rent mar­i­juana leg­is­la­tion in the United States varies by state, but on the fed­eral level it’s still il­le­gal

With all the western states uni­fied in their mar­i­juana le­gal­i­sa­tion ef­forts, the West Coast rep­re­sents the cen­tre of the mar­i­juana trade in the United States. Mar­i­juana flows out­ward from states like Cal­i­for­nia, Ore­gon and Wash­ing­ton by car, plane and the US mail. With a lot of the bor­der­ing states like Ne­vada go­ing le­gal it’s been a free- for- all. En­trepreneurs are get­ting rich off pot and the states that have le­gal weed are gain­ing all the ben­e­fits. Pot from Colorado trav­els into Kansas, Mis­souri, Ne­braska and Iowa. The same thing hap­pens with Illi­nois, where it is le­gal med­i­cally. But the main sup­plier of pot for the United States is Cal­i­for­nia.

Cal­i­for­nia keeps all the good stuff for it­self and sends most of the lesser grades and es­pe­cially the out­door bud to the East Coast, where Cal­i­for­nia bud is in high de­mand. A pound that costs around $ 2,000 in Cal­i­for­nia can go for up to $ 6,400 a pound, de­pend­ing on the qual­ity. But with the con­tra­dic­tions be­tween state and fed­eral law, small- time pot farm­ers in Cal­i­for­nia and Colorado are still get­ting raided by fed­eral law en­force­ment agents like the DEA, fac­ing charges for sell­ing mar­i­juana out of the state that it is le­gal for them to sell in.

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