The Face Of Evil:

The True Story Of Se­rial Killer Robert Black

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It has been al­most 30 years since the vi­o­lent pae­dophile and child killer Robert Black was caught with a young girl bun­dled into his van on the Scot­tish bor­ders. Min­utes away from death, she was the fi­nal vic­tim to be sub­jected to Black’s hor­rific fan­tasies. But now the real ques­tions re­main: how many more like her were there? How many were not as for­tu­nate to get away? Since his ar­rest, mul­ti­ple un­solved mur­ders have sur­faced, lead­ing to four more life sen­tences be­ing piled onto his tar­iff. Black’s crimes, al­though widely re­ported, were over­shad­owed by the likes of Fred and Rose­mary West and

Ian Brady and Myra Hind­ley due to their shock­ing scores of vic­tims and the eras in which they oc­curred. But in this lat­est book, re­tired Nor­folk po­lice de­tec­tive Chris Clark and North­ern Ir­ish crim­i­nol­o­gist Robert Giles ex­plore the pos­si­bil­ity that, in his decades of free­dom prior to his 1990 ar­rest, Black was re­spon­si­ble for many more killings, with po­ten­tially dozens of vic­tims hav­ing es­caped his clutches with their lives.

Not since Tim Tate and Ray Wyre’s

1995 book The Mur­der Of Child­hood has any­one been quite so ex­plicit about Black’s in­ner work­ings and the lengths to which he went in or­der to con­ceal his crimes. While there have been two more books on Black’s crimes pro­duced since his ar­rest, The Face Of Evil has be­come a con­tender for one of the best books to ever be pro­duced on such a sick­en­ing, se­cre­tive and shady se­rial killer.

Read­ers will find them­selves amazed by the new ev­i­dence and the in­sight into what Black was re­ally up to when he was out on the open road – some­thing we may never fully know, as Black took many se­crets to his grave in 2016. And while po­lice have con­firmed an­other likely vic­tim since his pass­ing, there re­mains the hor­rific truth that he will never face jus­tice for the true ex­tent of his sick­en­ing be­hav­iour. Thanks to the dili­gence of Clark and Giles’s re­search, it’s clear that Black was more than likely ac­count­able for many un­solved mur­ders both in the UK as well as over­seas.

For­mer Nor­folk de­tec­tive Clarke’s sec­tion, on the un­solved cases he has ded­i­cated much of his re­tired life to, shows that Black’s of­fend­ing was not just lim­ited to the UK but to Europe as well, where he trav­elled un­der the guise of a lonely postal de­liv­ery man.

The doc­u­men­ta­tion of his in- depth re­search comes packed full of in­sight that blows Black’s of­fend­ing pro­file wide open. For those want­ing to know more about the beast Robert Black, The Face Of Evil is a worth­while ad­di­tion to any true crime col­lec­tion.

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