peep­ing pres­i­dent’s naked new year’s eve sur­prise


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Ron­ald Rea­gan was act­ing up

Jer­sey Belle co- star and Alabama na­tiv e Danielle Yancey may be ac­cus tomed to the quirks of south­ern U S liv­ing, but she w as clearly un­pre­pared for the New Year’s Eve sur­prise a fa­mil­iar- look­ing stranger had in store for her in 2015 .

Just be­fore 11pm on 31 De­cem­ber , Danielle’s hus­band Bart Yancey was emp­ty­ing the rub­bish into the out­side bins and had jus t re­turned to the house when he spot­ted some­thing – a hu­man shado w in the drive­way. Ves­tavia Hills has a r el­a­tively low crime rate but Bart was nev­er­the­less star­tled, so he turned and shouted. The in­truder turned on his heel and fled. Bart fol­lowed him for a short dis tance and called the po­lice .

Back in the house , the cou­ple check ed the footage fr om their se­cu­rity camer as and dis­cov­ered they’d man­aged to cap­tur e the in­truder’s en­try and e xit from their prop­erty. The sight they r eceived could have sent any­one into peals of laugh­ter - or made them shud­der with the thought of what could have been. At pre­cisely 10.53pm, a man opens a gate to a br eeze­way and s teps out of the darkness to r eveal that he’s wear­ing noth­ing but two items – one to co ver his mod­esty and one to hide his iden­tity : on his head is a rub­ber R on­ald Rea­gan mask and over his fam­ily jew els is a long ( ap­par ently too long) sock, which dan­gles con­spic­u­ously. He cau­tiously walks in, be­fore duck­ing down be­hind the gate, then sprint­ing back out ar ound 30 sec­onds later.

Danielle told Alabama me­dia site Al. com, “I know a lot of peo­ple ar e laugh­ing about it and, hon­estly, I got a chuckle from it later, but at the same time, it ’s very con­cern­ing… I don’t know what he was plan­ning on do­ing… He could have been messed up on drugs or al­co­hol, and in that mind­set y ou don’t know what he w ould do to some­one else .”

Lieu­tenant Kevin York of Ves­tavia Hills Po­lice told the pr ess that they ’d re­ceived a call about a s treak­ing teenager in the ar ea, head­ing to a nearb y Bap­tist church, but they hadn’t caught any­one. They seemed jus t as con­cerned for the in­truder ’s wel­fare on that cold win­ter’s night, telling D anielle that “he wouldn’t last long out­side, nude lik e that.”

Danielle also said she didn’ t think he had a gun on him ( al­though he w as con­ceal­ing a weapon in his sock): “but he could ha ve po­ten­tially hurt us or w e could have hurt him… Even if it w as a prank, it could ha ve be­come very scary and dan­ger ous quickly ”.

Ves­tavia Hills Po­lice were quick to spec­u­late that this w as a teenage pr ank and in­deed, just days after, in the new y ear of

2016, some­one turned up at their door – fully clothed and with no dis guise this time – to apol­o­gise to the cou­ple . “He said it w as just a prank and not in­ten­tion­ally done to us ,” Danielle wrote on Face­book, “He said that a group of guys did this to­gether and he w as the one that ac­tu­ally came up to our en­try way to our back door and the oth­ers w ere in a cou­ple of v ehi­cles. The other guys w ere not seen on cam­era but they w ere a part of this .

“Maybe it will help oth­ers to be mor e cau­tious, safe and pr epared at their homes and also for those who ar e ac­tu­ally do­ing the pranks to not go to this e xtreme so they also do not get hurt, ’’ she wrote. “We have so many peo­ple in our neigh­bor­hood with guns , us in­cluded, and he could ha ve eas­ily been mis­taken as an in­truder or r apist.”

Hi, I’m Pres­i­dent Rea gan, strong pro­po­nent of the 2nd Amend­ment and a big f an of the NRA. Please don’t shoot me . Sorr y I’m nak ed Danielle Yancey ( sec­ond r ight) f ailed to see the funn y side f ol­low­ing the peep­ing pres­i­dent’ s in­tru­sion

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