The fa­ther who re­fused to give up

Real Crime - - Taken In The Night -

Steve Hall re­mains pos­i­tive that his daugh­ter’s killer – or killers – will be found and con­victed. “We be­lieve we’re in touch­ing dis­tance of a sig­nif­i­cant break­through,” he said in 2016 as he of­fered £ 50,000 of his own money as a re­ward.

“Some­one may have been wa­ver­ing over whether to pro­vide in­for­ma­tion for a long time. This amount of money is life- chang­ing and I hope it will pro­vide the in­cen­tive for them to do the right thing. The loss of Me­lanie has been life- chang­ing for us and we’ll never be the same peo­ple as we were be­fore Me­lanie dis­ap­peared.

“Me­lanie’s mur­der has had a ter­ri­ble im­pact on our fam­ily and I know my wife Pat is tor­tured by what hap­pened to our daugh­ter and will never get over it.”

“I be­lieve this inquiry will be solved by one of two things – ei­ther through the ad­vance­ment of DNA help­ing to iden­tify who was re­spon­si­ble, or some­one who knows a cru­cial piece of in­for­ma­tion hav­ing the moral fi­bre to con­tact the po­lice. I hope by us of­fer­ing this re­ward, it’ll en­cour­age this per­son or these peo­ple to come for­ward.”

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