So­phie’s Choice

In a strange good cop/ bad cop rou­tine, Me­douni and Kouider’s ex­haust­ing eight- hour in­ter­ro­ga­tion of So­phie be­fore she died was un­in­tel­li­gi­ble

Real Crime - - Sabrina Kouider And Ouissem Medouni -

Me­douni: Sit prop­erly. You needn’t be scared. OK?

Kouider: Ex­actly! OK? Be­cause, ear­lier on, you were cry­ing and said to me, “I did some­thing very se­ri­ous, and I am very ashamed of my­self”. That’s what you told me. Yes, or no?

Me­douni: And what’s that?

Kouider: Is it lie?

Me­douni: What’s that?

Kouider: Is it a lie?

Lion­net ( sound­ing scared and maybe in tears): I was scared!

Kouider: You were scared? You were scared? You lie as you breathe, be­cause… why did I scare you? Did I scare you?”

Lion­net: I was scared.

Kouider: What were you scared of? Scared of what? Scared of what? Be­cause I was very, very, very nice to you! I was very, very, very, very, very nice to you!

Me­douni: Stop shout­ing like this! Go on! Scared of what?

Kouider: Scared of what? I had been too nice to her. I used to even tell her things…

Me­douni: She said she was scared of you! Stop it, please! We…

Kouider: What were scared of? OK. Sorry! Apolo­gies!

Me­douni: Scared of what?

Lion­net: I don’t know ex­actly.

Kouider: Scared of what? In any case, whether you speak or you don’t speak, at your trial, you will do so. You will be jailed. Be­cause as far as I am con­cerned, I am not go­ing to joke with you! OK? Be­cause, I am a nice per­son, OK? I’d re­ally like to help you. You too must help me! OK? If you want me to help you, you need to help me! OK? You want us to help you? Then help us! OK?

Kouider: I don’t think he abused you; you wanted it be­cause he couldn’t do that with you. And when­ever you come back to the house, I smell sex.

Me­douni: ... she smells sex.

Kouider: I smell it. I smell it. Where the house? Hurry up, where is the house? Hurry up hurry up, oth­er­wise I will fuck­ing make the call. Hurry up where is the house? Open your mouth, where is the house? Kouider: Open your fuck­ing mouth. Where is the house? You don’t to say it. You don’t want to it. So you want to go to prison? Be ready it is ei­ther 40 years in prison or you leave. It is up to you. You have the choice. Think care­fully about 40 years in prison. Close your eyes for one minute OK and imag­ine your­self ev­ery day in a cage like an an­i­mal with other peo­ple inside. That’s not a laugh­ing mat­ter. With pae­dophiles and all the…

( Con­tin­u­ous bang­ing noise in the back­ground)

Kouider: If you prom­ise to tell me the truth and I later find out that it’s lie, I will not pro­tect you. No more lies, I will not pro­tect you, I swear on my life, So­phie. I will not al­low any more lie.

Me­douni: So, he asked you when you will be com­ing back. That’s the way he ap­proached you. He doesn’t know you but sent a mes­sage through Face­book ask­ing you when will you be com­ing back? It doesn’t make any sense.

Kouider: So he knew you.

Lion­net: No.

Kouider: Yes, he knew you be­cause he asked you when you will be com­ing back. He knew you. Please just say the truth and noth­ing apart the truth.

Me­douni: You bet­ter know that we will not let you go back un­til we know the whole, whole, whole, whole truth and noth­ing but the truth. It’s up to you.


Kouider: Tell me, huh! Tell me. Do you know this girl? Do you know this girl? I am just ask­ing. Do you know her?… ( Inaudi­ble) He was with you, even the best of the best, they are go­ing to be checked, OK. Do you know this girl? Be­cause there is ev­ery­where CCTV. Do you know this girl?

Lion­net: No.

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