11 April 1986

Real Crime - - The Vampire Of Kraków -

08: 45

On that morn­ing, 14 FBI spe­cial agents in 11 ve­hi­cles be­gin to con­verge on a site along 53 blocks of a high­den­sity com­mer­cial zone on the South Dixie High­way. It’s an area with both heavy pedes­trian and ve­hi­cle traf­fic. It also has five banks. The agents do not know the iden­tity of the sus­pects in­volved in the re­cent spate of rob­beries, just that a rob­bery is likely on this day.

09: 00

The spe­cial agents have an on- site as­sign­ment con­fer­ence to de­cide their in­di­vid­ual as­sign­ment lo­ca­tions, be­fore fan­ning out across the tar­get lo­ca­tion to make con­tact with lo­cal po­lice pa­trols and also lo­cal bank per­son­nel.

09: 25

Spe­cial Agent Ben­jamin Gro­gan is driv­ing with his part­ner, Jerry Dove, when they spot a stolen ve­hi­cle that was pre­vi­ously used in a bank rob­bery just weeks be­fore. They be­gin to tail it.

09: 26

Spe­cial Agent Gro­gan calls it in. He ad­dresses all as­signed units that they’re be­hind the sus­pect ve­hi­cle: a black, twodoor 1977 Chevro­let Monte Carlo with Florida num­ber plate NTJ- 891.

09: 27

A short dis­tance away in his unit ve­hi­cle, Spe­cial Agent Ed Mire­les replies, “Ben, we’re right be­hind you…

You wanna do it, let’s do it.” Gro­gan, a 25- year FBI vet­eran, is more cau­tious: “Neg­a­tive, let’s get some marked units.” They’re trav­el­ling north on the South Dixie High­way. Gro­gan and Dove keep the rest up­dated, re­quest­ing back- up from marked po­lice cars.

09: 30

Three more FBI units join Spe­cial Agents Gro­gan and Dove, tail­ing the sus­pect Monte Carlo as dis­creetly as pos­si­ble, while a fourth FBI unit ap­proaches the rest of the team from around three blocks away. The sus­pect ve­hi­cle en­ters the sub­urbs, away from the busiest part of the high­way, and sud­denly the tail­ing FBI units be­come more con­spic­u­ous.

09: 31

The Monte Carlo be­gins to drive more er­rat­i­cally, the driver ap­par­ently aware they are be­ing fol­lowed. Squad su­per­vi­sor Gor­don McNeill sees some­thing that wor­ries him and in­forms the rest of the FBI team: “Just looked at them: they’re loadin’ up some­thing in the front…”

09: 32

Upon hear­ing that their sus­pects are lock­ing and load­ing their weapons, Spe­cial Agent Gro­gan or­ders the stop and ar­rest while Dove barks out, “Felony car stop, take them, felony car stop, let’s do it!”

09: 33

All pre­tences aban­doned, Gro­gan and Dove en­gage their lights and sirens and, as the first FBI ve­hi­cle be­hind their tar­get, step on the throt­tle and at­tempt to over­take the sus­pect ve­hi­cle.

09: 34

Sev­eral FBI ve­hi­cles at­tempt to box the Monte Carlo in, and spe­cial agent Dick Manauzzi sees the pas­sen­ger in­side the sus­pect ve­hi­cle pre­par­ing to open fire on any FBI unit that passes. Tak­ing no chances, he rams the ve­hi­cle in an ef­fort to dis­rupt their aim, if not in­ca­pac­i­tate the crim­i­nals.

09: 34

Spe­cial Agent John Han­lon also rams the Monte Carlo, but loses con­trol and col­lides with a wall on the west side of 82nd Av­enue.

09: 35

In a sur­prise ma­noeu­vre, the sus­pects hit the brakes and pull a high- speed u- turn in a dra­matic ef­fort to shake the FBI units off. Spe­cial Agent Manauzzi, hav­ing been halted in his ve­hi­cle by a pre­vi­ous ram­ming at­tempt, has time to line his car up and ram the sus­pects’ ve­hi­cle one fi­nal time.

09: 35

The Monte Carlo is forced into a tree on 82nd Av­enue and 122nd Street. It is boxed in by a tree in front, a civil­ian car on one side and two FBI unit ve­hi­cles on the other. Spe­cial Agents Gro­gan and Dove are a few me­tres be­hind in their car, while the two ve­hi­cles with Spe­cial Agents Gil Or­ran­tia, Ron Ris­ner, John Han­lon and Ed Mire­les are on the op­po­site side of the road.

09: 37

Spe­cial Agent Ris­ner calls in, de­mand­ing help from the re­main­ing agents who are yet to reach the scene: “We got peo­ple down, let’s get some help over here!” They re­quest a lo­ca­tion and a “read out on the scene” but in the heat of the fire­fight, Ris­ner only has time to say, “More peo­ple down here!”

09: 40

Three Metro- Dade po­lice of­fi­cers ar­rive to as­sist the be­lea­guered agents.

09: 41

Cru­cial sec­onds pass, and there’s con­fu­sion over the radio as to ex­actly where the shootout is tak­ing place. Even­tu­ally Spe­cial Agent Or­ran­tia gets on the radio to clar­ify the sit­u­a­tion: the two sus­pects are dead, but so are two of the FBI’s agents: Gro­gan and Dove.

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