No sanc­tu­ary for San­tana

‘ San­tana’ means ‘ saint­like’ or ‘ holy’, but on 5 March 2001 the scene at San­tana High School more closely re­sem­bled Hell

Real Crime - - ‘ Pulling A Columbine’ -

1 The ram­page be­gan at 9.20am in the boys’ toi­lets. Bryan Zuckor, 14, was killed with a shot to the head and Trevor Ed­wards, 17, was shot in the neck. Wil­liams then emerged from the re­stroom, smil­ing as he fired in­dis­crim­i­nately.

2 Randy Gor­don, 17, was near the quad when he was hit in the back by a bul­let, which then pierced his lung. He dragged him­self around the cor­ner of 300 Build­ing to es­cape but was later pro­nounced dead in hos­pi­tal.

3 Wil­liams prowled the cor­ri­dors and the quad, grin­ning sadis­ti­cally as he shot at stu­dents and staff. Some of his vic­tims were peo­ple he liked, but he didn’t care. In to­tal, two peo­ple were killed and 13 oth­ers were wounded.


After dis­charg­ing 40 rounds in a ram­page last­ing six min­utes, Wil­liams re­turned to the blood- soaked re­stroom where it all be­gan. When po­lice ar­rived, he was kneel­ing and hold­ing the gun by the butt. He sur­ren­dered, say­ing, “It’s only me”.

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