Scout­ing For Clues

While clues were scarce at the crime scene, those that were present painted a story for those in­ves­ti­gat­ing what had hap­pened

Real Crime - - Taken From His Tent -

Nicky’s Shoes

With the camp’s toi­lets some dis­tance from the tent where Nicky slept, and the area his body was found a lit­tle less than two kilo­me­tres away, Nicky’s shoes were still in­side the tent when he was dis­cov­ered miss­ing, sug­gest­ing he had not left with the in­ten­tion of go­ing for a long walk.

Clean Soles

It was ini­tially sug­gested that Nicky had wan­dered off, but if that had been the case, then why were the soles of his feet com­pletely clean?

No Strug­gle

Nicky’s body showed no signs of a strug­gle or any in­di­ca­tions that his killer had used vi­o­lence to si­lence him – could the per­son who killed him have se­dated him to make him easy prey?

Se­men Sam­ple

The area of the woods where Nicky was found was well- known as a meet­ing place for ho­mo­sex­u­als. A se­men- stained tis­sue was found near Nicky’s body, and although po­lice hoped it could be tested for DNA and would iden­tify Nicky’s killer, the item failed to meet ex­pec­ta­tions when tested.

DNA/ py­jama bot­toms

In 2010 po­lice found DNA on Nicky’s py­ja­mas, from a per­son not known to the vic­tim. Who had come into con­tact with Nicky the morn­ing he van­ished and why?

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