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Life’s full of un­ex­pected twists and got turns, isn’t it? And this week we’ve quite a se­lec­tion of folks who were taken by sur­prise one way or an­other. First off, there’s Yvonne, page 6, who thought her beloved big brother had lost his way in life. When he took up with a meek, mild-man­nered woman, she thought he’d fi­nally as they ex­changed found hap­pi­ness and wept with joy their re­la­tion­ship than vows. But there was a lot more to met the eye, as she went on to dis­cover… she got to­gether with Then there’s Natasha (p44). When off each other. So her fella, they couldn’t keep their hands a bit more of her to love, when it dawned on her there was gain that comes with she blamed the in­evitable weight cer­tainly didn’t re­alise be­ing in a happy re­la­tion­ship. She to con­tend with! there was a ‘bit on the side’ she had a help­ing hand – And then there’s Rozmin, who found least ex­pected it! or should that be foot?! – where she

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