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Emma needs help en­cour­ag­ing her boy with his school work

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Time for school

Clear­ing away the break­fast bowls, I looked up to see my son stand­ing there. ‘Very smart,’ I nod­ded en­cour­ag­ingly to Aaron, nine.

Dressed in his grey school uni­form and with his glossy brown locks groomed, Aaron looked all grown-up.

It was Au­gust this year, and Aaron’s first day in year six.

My el­dest, I couldn’t help but feel a bit emo­tional.

I also had Jaime, seven, Alexa, six, Tyler, four, and Charley, three.

Be­ing a mum-of-five is hard go­ing for any­one, but we’ve had it tougher than most.

My hubby, Si­mon Nut­ting, passed away from Ewing’s sar­coma, a rare form of can­cer, in June 2016, and we’re still pick­ing up the pieces.

‘Dad would be proud,’ I told Aaron, clutch­ing him tightly. ‘Thanks, Mum,’ he choked. Last year, in­stead of bounc­ing off to school like he’d used to, he’d whine con­stantly about go­ing in, say­ing he wanted to just stay in his room and play on his Xbox.

It was so un­like him but, given what he’d been through, I cut him some slack.

It was only when his teacher called me in for a chat that I re­alised I needed to take ac­tion.

‘He’s com­pletely switched off in class,’ she told me.

‘He has so much po­ten­tial, we just want to make sure he’s get­ting all the help he needs.’

Even as a lit­tle boy, it was clear that Aaron was clever.

By the time he’d turned two, he could say over 60 words.

Then at school, he was placed in all the top sets of his class.

So I gave Aaron a good talk­ing to, and warned him that he needed to pull his socks up.

I can tell he’s more fo­cused now, but there are still a few things I need help with.

Firstly, there’s never any peace and quiet in our house, so when Aaron tries to hit the books, he’s eas­ily dis­tracted.

He shares a room with his three brothers, so he doesn’t have any­where to just put his head down and crack on.

Se­condly, he doesn’t get any­where near enough sleep.

He’s got into a bad habit of stay­ing up late, read­ing or watch­ing TV.

The last thing I want is for him to be tired and grumpy through­out this im­por­tant school year.

I’m sure if I can just com­bat these is­sues, Aaron’s school work will be back to where it used to be. Please help!

Emma Nut­ting, 31, Wil­len­hall, West Mid­lands


Aaron has so much po­ten­tial

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