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Ker­ri­ann’s dog got him­self into a right flap over a cat…

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Car­ry­ing a mug of steam­ing cof­fee, I set­tled my­self on the couch and opened up my lap­top. It was a Satur­day af­ter­noon in April this year, and I had the house all to my­self. ‘Per­fect,’ I grinned.

A full-time au­thor, I had hours of un­in­ter­rupted writ­ing time stretch­ing out in front of me.

My part­ner, Gra­ham, had gone out kayak­ing, and I’d left Hugo, my Chorkie – that’s a Chi­huahuaYork­shire ter­rier cross – to his own de­vices.

He was prob­a­bly roam­ing about the house. I knew he cer­tainly wouldn’t be up to any mis­chief…

Hugo, three, was pretty aloof and usu­ally kept him­self to him­self.

The only time he got an­i­mated was if a cat crossed his path.

He’d chase af­ter it as fast as his titchy legs would carry him!

A short time later, I was busily typ­ing away when...

‘Woof, woof!’

‘Hugo must have spot­ted a fox,’ I thought ab­sent-mind­edly, tap­ping at the keys.

But Hugo wasn’t let­ting up. His yelps were get­ting louder and more ur­gent

So, I went into the gar­den… and gasped with shock. ‘Oh, my God,’ I cried. Hugo was trapped in our metal gar­den gate! With half his body in­side and the other half out, he was shak­ing with fear and looked pet­ri­fied. How had he ended up there?!

I felt sick to my stom­ach. ‘My poor pup,’ I cried, try­ing to ease him free.

But my cow­er­ing ca­nine couldn’t move. He was stuck in the gate!

Crouch­ing next to him and stroking his fur, I tried to make him feel bet­ter.

‘You’ll be OK,’ I soothed. Poor Hugo had a scowl on his face.

I had to get help, so I raced back in­side and grabbed my phone to call the fire brigade.

But as I was about to dial 999, I caught a quick glimpse of some­thing or­ange out of the cor­ner of my eye…

There, in our drive­way, was a gin­ger tom­cat.

He was sur­vey­ing Hugo’s predica­ment with a smug smirk on his furry face.

Had Hugo got stuck try­ing to chase that tom­cat?

I wouldn’t have put it past him. Only, when he’d tried to fol­low it through a gap in the gate, he’d ended up trapped!

No won­der the moggy looked like the cat who got the cream!

I got through to the emer­gency ser­vices. ‘I’m so sorry to bother you with this, but my dog is trapped in our gate,’ I told the op­er­a­tor, feel­ing highly em­bar­rassed.

Thank­fully, a fire crew ar­rived within 20 min­utes and quickly took con­trol of the sit­u­a­tion.

Us­ing a tool to prise the metal rail­ings fur­ther apart, they were able to cre­ate enough space for Hugo to es­cape.

My pup ran out, bark­ing with joy. Luck­ily, apart from hav­ing a bruised ego, he seemed un­harmed by his or­deal.

By then, the tom­cat had slunk off, so there was no chance of Hugo go­ing af­ter it.

Still, I put his lime-green lead on, just in case he tried some­thing.

‘What an ad­ven­ture!’ I gig­gled, stroking him.

Hugo hasn’t chased a cat since his lit­tle ac­ci­dent.

I think he’s learned his les­son… It’s not wise to take the puss! Ker­ri­ann God­win, 56, Bournemouth, Dorset


Hugo-gate: he’s tiny, but he got stuck fast! Thank­fully, only Hugo’s ego was hurt He was freed by a fire crew, thank good­ness

Saved! Hugo’s res­cuer… and, right, that pesky mog­gie

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