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Whether you’re a dog, cat or bird per­son, for many of us, pets are our fam­ily. But what if you’re told to choose be­tween your an­i­mals or your home?

Cru­elly, with many coun­cil and pri­vate land­lords re­fus­ing to al­low pets, mil­lions in the UK have faced this ultimatum.

Lat­est gov­ern­ment statis­tics claim 4.5 mil­lion house­holds in Eng­land (one in five) were pri­vately rented in the year 2015-16, while 3.9 mil­lion fur­ther house­holds were so­cial hous­ing ten­ants, with more than 70,000 home­less house­holds liv­ing in tem­po­rary ac­com­mo­da­tion.

That means more than

37 per cent of us are liv­ing un­der some­one else’s roof.

As your parents al­ways said, ‘Their roof, their rules.’ It’s much the same for renters now.

Anne Bax­en­dale, di­rec­tor of com­mu­ni­ca­tions, pol­icy and cam­paigns for hous­ing and home­less­ness char­ity Shel­ter, said, ‘Shel­ter’s re­search shows that be­ing able to keep a pet is, for some, an im­por­tant part of what makes a house a home.

‘Sadly, many pet own­ers strug­gle to find homes when so many land­lords refuse to rent to them out­right.’

Real Peo­ple’s Miyo Padi talks to read­ers forced to make the ag­o­nis­ing choice be­tween their home and their heart…

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